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Shaping the Next Generation: Why Coach Development Matters in Youth Basketball

GOLD COAST (Australia) – Over 100 aspiring Oceania coaches have signed up for an Introduction to Youth Coaching Course supported by the FIBA Start Coaching Curriculum, provided by the World Association of Basketball Coaches (WABC).

Across Oceania, basketball is seeing tremendous growth at a grassroots level with this course being delivered to further facilitate and support FIBA’s strategic priority of Developing Youth Basketball and Empowering National Federations.  With so many new players entering the sport, the importance of qualified coaches to guide them is paramount and plays a vital role in shaping the future of the game.

Sharing Knowledge, Building the Future

FIBA Executive Director – Oceania, Amanda Jenkins said that supporting youth coaches within the region to deliver grassroots programs, through to high performance teams, provides a pivotal support structure to basketball development, and sustainability.  “We endeavour to provide opportunity for youth basketball coaches in the region to learn and expand their capabilities for the longevity of our game,” Ms Jenkins said.

Last run in 2020, the Introduction to Youth Coaching Course will be coordinated across eight weeks with Coach Educators from Australia and New Zealand facilitating content delivery.

“With over 100 coaches registered for the course, we know the demand for coaching education is there, and we will continue to collaborate with our member federations on how we can best support the demand,” Ms Jenkins said.

Focusing on Youth Development: A Wellspring of Talent

FIBA Coach Educator and Basketball Victoria Coach Development Coordinator, Rob Coulter will be facilitating the course, and highlighted the importance of supporting coach development opportunities.

"As coaches, we have a responsibility to share as much knowledge as we can to each other," said Mr Coulter.  “With so many resources out there, it's great to focus in on the youth development.  These courses place a strong emphasis on youth development, providing coaches with the skills and knowledge to nurture young players' love for the game while also teaching them essential fundamentals and body movement. This not only benefits their basketball skills, but also lays a foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.”

The Making of a Great Coach: Shared Learning and Personal Growth

Shaping a good youth coach involves a combination of factors with Coulter highlighting that coaches need to be proactive.   "All coaches have a responsibility to share the game with each other and evolve to best support basketball development in their respective countries.”  Through collaboration and shared experiences, coaches can learn from each other and their players, fostering a sense of community and helping each other develop their unique coaching styles.

Underpinned by the FIBA Start Coaching Curriculum, this Introduction to Youth Coaching Course will provide access to resources that will allow participants to share and learn in a supportive environment.  This course will further support Basketball for Good initiatives and outcomes throughout the region.