Tahiti 3x3 Courts
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Generation Paris2024 to Inspire Ballers in Tahiti

PAPEETE (Tahiti) – With no outdoor courts in the capital city, the Federation of Tahiti Basketball are planning to engage and inspire locals with 3x3 competitions for the future of basketball development ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Tahiti Basketball Federation Board Member, Teimiri Hunter believes that 3x3 will introduce locals and ignite a community of basketball fans in the region ahead of the Games.

“We had two 3x3 courts installed in the main school, To’ata Primary School, and we decided to make a 3x3 tournament in the city of Papeete to make this sport better known,” said Ms. Teimiri Hunter.  “Outside of school hours the courts will be accessible and free to use which will be great for the community ahead of the Olympic Games because they will understand what our sport really is.”

“The school is in a good location; it is right next to the biggest stadium in the city just at the entrance of Papeete which makes it possible to reach as many people as possible.”

With the aim of developing basketball across the country, a convention labeled ‘Generation Paris2024’ and ‘Health and Practice of Daily Sport’ has been set up at the To'ata Primary School.  The Convention will provide children with the opportunity to learn about basketball during their school time for free and with the help of educators.

To’ata Primary School has 500 students who will take part in the convention which will build on the Papeete Club which currently has 200 licensees, and combined with neighboring associations, close to 1000 people will have access to learn more about basketball.

“In addition to on court education, we are also using the convention and 3x3 to integrate important workshops around general health, wellness, addiction prevention and environmental issues,” Ms. Hunter said.

“Our main 3x3 Tournament was a huge success with our main aim being to increase the visibility of 3x3 and to encourage the community to embrace our 3x3 courts.  Our project for 2024 is to create more 3X3 spaces in Papeete, the city is motivated to set up this project now that they have seen our event."

Ahead of the Pacific Games, FIBA Executive Director – Oceania, Amanda Jenkins said that the growing and developing basketball in Tahiti will only improve following the success of their national teams.

“Both the Men’s and Women’s Team from Tahiti will be competing at the Pacific Games in November which will further provide the Tahitian community with a meaningful connection to basketball,” Ms. Jenkins said.

“Tahiti have a wonderful opportunity through 3x3 to engage the community which compliments the FIBA Global Strategy by enlarging the FIBA Family and empowering the Tahiti Basketball Federation to coordinate grassroots programs and boost capacity.

The Federation of Tahiti Basketball are eager to capitalize on the Paris 2024 Olympic movement, across Tahiti to unearth the next generation of basketball enthusiasts with the ongoing support of their following partners which include Perrier, Oasis, Aremiti, McDonalds and Central Sport.