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FIBA Approved Bergo 3x3 outdoor flooring making a splash in communities

MIES (Switzerland) - Looking to increase global participation in basketball from the highest levels all the way down to the grassroots, FIBA is pleased to have on board the outdoor sports flooring company Bergo as part of its 3x3 Equipment Approval program.  

Having met all the strict requirements of FIBA's Equipment & Venue Centre 3x3 Approval program, Bergo's Approved Product Ultimate Plus is a new generation of sports flooring and has been used at the FIBA 3x3 Europe Cup 2022 in Graz, Austria and the FIBA 3x3 AmeriCup 2022 in Miami, USA. 

Bergo flooring at the FIBA Europe Cup 2022 in Graz, Austria 

The FIBA Equipment & Venue Centre introduced the Approved 3x3 Equipment program in 2021 with the aim of increasing the quantity and quality of top-level 3x3 competition equipment and raising the standard of outdoor playing facilities throughout the world.  

"With an open-minded approach and a genuine commitment to community engagement, Bergo has developed an excellent flooring that allows high-level performance on the court. We are delighted to have Bergo on board the 3x3 Equipment Approval program, and we encourage more companies to seek approval and partner with us in this fast-growing outdoor basketball market," said Bart Prinssen, Head of FIBA's Equipment & Venue Centre.   

With over 50 years of experience in creating accessible, attractive, and inspiring playing surfaces, the Swedish company has global basketball participation and social inclusion at the heart of its company mission.

Emil Linden, CEO of Bergo Flooring AB said: "I'm proud that Bergo is part of the FIBA family. We share many values and long term goals with FIBA that are in line with our social mission, engaging more people to lead healthy lifestyles and promoting social integration and sustainability.

"Flooring is often the most dominant part of a sporting facility, and we have seen how our colored surfaces have positively engaged many children and communities. With the FIBA Approval quality label helping us to stand out in the market, we look forward to reinforcing our reach in the sport by working more closely with the FIBA Family."

One of Bergo's foundational concepts is based on the acronym 'WISH' - Worldwide, Integration, Sustainability, Health. Growing health problems among children and youth is a worldwide challenge in society. Bergo aims to support sports to unite and connect people regardless of background or gender. The company cares about the future of the globe's children and knows sustainability is critical to that.  

Currently, through FIBA's Equipment & Venue Centre, the Approved 3x3 Equipment has four product categories: 3x3 basketball, 3x3 backstop unit, 3x3 synthetic flooring, and the Canopy system. This label covers the additional testing of outdoor requirements, such as dimensional stability, UV weathering, and is valid for FIBA 3x3 competitions and for outdoor basketball facilities.  

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