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Wang Siyu’s Women’s World Cup clutch free-throws beat Clarkson’s buzzer-beater in Play of the Year Fan Vote

BEIRUT (Lebanon) - 2022 has been quite a year for basketball in Asia. We’re taking the time to celebrate some of the best in Asia over the past year and letting you decide in a FAN VOTE which stands out the most.

We started off by celebrating some of the best young men’s basketball players where Kai Sotto was voted the Young Player of the Year (Men) by the fans. Then, the fans voted Kristan Yumul as the Young Player of the Year (Women).

Now, the fans have once again decided the Play of the Year 2022 by voting the clutch free-throws of China's Wang Siyu in the Women's World Cup Semi-Finals against Australia over Jordan Clarkson's buzzer-beating half-court shot in the Asian Qualifiers against Saudi Arabia.


Across multiple competitions of whichever age and gender, the athletes put on display their peak form of athleticism, basketball skills, mentality, ability to handle pressure situations, or all of the above in all of the specific sequences that were up for vote in the bracket, but it was the mental toughness of Wang Siyu that edged them all out in the Fan Vote.