20 Kristan Geyl Yumul (PHI)
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Fans flock to vote for Young Player of the Year (Women), Yumul edges out Yu

BEIRUT (Lebanon) - 2022 has been quite a year for basketball in Asia. We’re taking the time to celebrate some of the best in Asia over the past year and letting you decide in a FAN VOTE which stands out the most.

We started off by celebrating some of the best young men’s basketball players where Kai Sotto was voted the Young Player of the Year (Men) by the fans.

Now as we continued by taking a look at the best young women's basketball players aged 20 or under, Kristan Yumul from the Philippines emerged to win the fan vote for the Young Player of the Year (Women) in 2022.

Votes were made across all rounds for all of the players from Li WenXia (China), Hadiseh Ghesmati Almani (Iran), Elaine Chong Hui Lin (Malaysia), Chinami Yokoyama (Japan), Park SeongJin (Korea), Nyamjav Nandinkhusel (Mongolia), Yu Wen Hsiao (Chinese Taipei) and Yumul.

In the Final, Yumul, with 52% of the  votes slightly edged out Yu who had 48% of the votes, combining for a total of over 365,000 votes in this round.

*This Fan Vote is not an official award from FIBA or FIBA Regional Office Asia. It is created solely to enhance the experience of the fans to show their support for their favorite players/plays/moments in 2022.