20 September, 2018
01 May, 2019

The Qualifiers Explained

This season, there will be two rounds of home-and-away Qualifiers for the FIBA Europe Cup Regular Season, beginning with the Qualifiers Round 1 on September 20. The Qualifiers Round 1 pairings are listed below, with the higher-seeded team, who will play the second leg at home on September 26, listed second: 

The winning team from each of these pairings, will then go on to play the Qualifiers Round 2, on October 3 and October 10. The pairings are as follows: 

Six teams have already earned direct qualification to the Regular Season, where they will be joined by the winning teams from the Qualifiers Round 2 and up to 18 teams from the Basketball Champions League Qualifiers. An outline of the Regular Season is below: 

The asterisk denotes clubs that have opted in, to continue in the FIBA Europe Cup. Should they qualify for the Basketball Champions League Regular Season, then their position will be filled in the FIBA Europe Cup Regular Season by the best-placed losing teams from the Qualifiers Round 2. They will be ranked according to the FIBA Europe Cup Regulations