27 July, 2018
05 August


Sports & Recreation Centre Kale
Address: Lazar Licenoski 31, 1000 Skopje, MKD
Capacity: 2,500
SRC Kale is a sports recreation center located near the fortress of which it bears the name. One reason SRC Kale is probably most famous for is being the home of the women's handball team Kometal Gjorce Petrov, which won the European Women Handball Champions League in 2002. Known as the handball fortress, it has hosted numerous other events for both national and league games including 2 Junior Handball World Championships. Most recently, SRC Kale is the home of MKD super league handball club RK Vardar.
This sports complex that is one of the favourite for MKD fans because of the wonderful ambiance at games, accommodating up to 2,500 people. Don't let the small numbers fool you, it can get pretty loud.
SRC Kale is located centrally in Skopje and very close to the Kale Fortress, National Arena Phillip II, Skopje City Centre, and plenty of cafe-bars, restaurants, museums and of course the Old Bazaar.

S.C Boris Trajkovski
Address: Blvd. "8mi Septemvri" No 13, 1000 Skopje, MKD
Capacity: 8,000
The Boris Trajkovski sports center in Skopje is a multi-functional indoor sports arena. It is located in the Karpos Municipality of Skopje, MKD. It is named after the former President, Boris Trajkovski. It has a maximum seating capacity of 6,000 for handball, 8,000 for basketball and 10,000 for concerts. The arena is home to the MKD national basketball team (men and women), national handball team (men and women) and national volleyball team (men and women). This smaller gym in the complex will be used as a practice arena for the event. The center also has an exclusive fitness and aerobics center. 

Jane Sandanski Arena (two halls)
Address: S.C. Jane Sandanski Blvd. “Asnom No1” 1000 Skopje, MKD
7,500 and 1,500
Jane Sandanski Arena is an indoor sports arena located in the Aerodrom Municipality of Skopje. The arena has a capacity of 7,500. Its named after famous local, the revolutionary Jane Sandanski.
On November 18, 2012, it was announced that the arena will be completely demolished, with a new arena called Sports Centre Jane Sandanski planned to be built in its place. 
It was rebuilt and reopened in August 2014, financed by the Russian businessman Sergey Samsonenko, built alongside the four-star hotel, Russia.
In September 2015, west and east stands were upgraded by 500 seats.