28 October, 2020
18 April, 2021

Where to watch

The exciting EuroLeague Women action is set to conclude with the Final Four in Istanbul, taking place from April 16-18.

The following broadcasters will show the event live: 

TVE (Spain)
MT4 SPORT (Hungary)
Fenerbahce TV (Turkey)
RIK (Cyprus)
Sportklub (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, North Macedonia)
Viaplay (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
MATCH TV (Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenia and Uzbekistan)

You can watch every single minute of every EuroLeague Women game either on FIBA's YouTube channel, with the Semi-Finals and the Final also available on Twitch.