12 - 20
August 2016


Area: 111,71 km2

Population: 220,000

Website: http://www.radom.pl

Radom is located in the centre of the Radom Plain, which is a part of the Mazovian Lowland. After Warsaw, Radom is the second-largest urban center of the Mazovia region. The historic buildings, the spirit of royal and post-industrial Radom, the size of cultural and sports events will not allow our guests to be bored. The perfectly preserved old urban layout, from an early middle-ages settlement through to a 19th-century city centre which still acts as such, is one-of-a-kind in Poland.

Hiking along walking paths or cycling along bicycle tracks will allow you to see the tourist attractions in the city. Details of tourist tracks, a wealth of historic places and related historic events can be found in the Tourist Information Centre. Numerous interesting events such as the biggest Polish and Central-European International Air Show, International Gombrowicz Festival, Tradition Street or the Bread Festival are but a few occasions to travel for a weekend stay in Radom.

Radom’s image, centred on the slogan "Power in Precision", perfectly reflects the city’s advantages and requires the citizens to increase standards in all areas of life. It’s a component that active residents, investors and partners of Radom who build the city focus on development, striving to achieve higher and higher standards and to increase its economic, educational, cultural and touristic attractiveness. The power comes from working together towards a common goal.