25 August, 2023
10 September
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FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 delivering on Player Experience Program

MIES (Switzerland) - The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023 has seen the implementation of its updated Players Experience Program, which, with a 'Players First' approach, is enhancing the physical, emotional and digital experiences of teams during all aspects of the event.

Implemented following a recommendation from the Competitions Commission that was subsequently approved by FIBA's Executive Committee, an unprecedented level of investment has ensured the new FIBA Player Experience Program has proven a big success in the Philippines, Japan and Indonesia.

At its core, the Players Experience Program has seen FIBA demanding excellence across multiple areas of event delivery, including all aspects of accommodation, transportation, security and competition, with everyone involved embracing a 'Players First' mindset.

One of the main pillars underpinning the program is a player-friendly competition system designed to ensure that nobody needs to travel more than once during the event, as well as one additional rest day added to the schedule compared to 2019. 

Participating players have received the highest standards possible and level of service at their respective hotels, with players benefiting from single rooms, as well as weight-lifting and fitness facilities, which also included a HyperIce Recovery Area.

As well as a suite of tailored services, Players Lounges have provided a place to chill and meet, with screens to watch basketball games at the tournament, video gaming access, exclusive access to a 'Barber's Corner' and recovery stations. 

The presence of dedicated staff at hotels has ensured expectations have been met, and in many cases, the players have also had some additional local touches, which included tours and excursions, plus special bespoke gifts.

Marcelinho Huertas from Brazil said: "It was a pleasure to play in the World Cup in Indonesia. It is the fifth in my career and, as always, special for any player. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Indonesian people for their affection and support and also for the entire structure set up to welcome us, in addition to the volunteers, who were always very helpful. It's been an amazing experience! Thank you". 

Serbia's Head Coach, Svetislav Pesic, said: "Everything is great and high level, basketball courts, food, hotel."

And Dairis Bertans from Latvia, pictured below, added: "I've been to many championships, so I can tell you that this is the best-organized tournament. The hotel, arena, logistics, and food are all at a very high level, and I've really been enjoying everything".

The President of the Basketball Association of the People's Republic of China, Yao Ming, also praised the program, saying: "You have done everything for our players. Everything is at a high level."

He added: "As I have been a three-time All-Star, I have the experience to say that the players' lounge, hotel, and food are on the same level as the NBA and how the teams treat their players."

As well as enhancing services for the athletes themselves, the Player Experience Program was extended to ensure that family and close friends of players had access to premium tickets for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023, which was won by Germany on Sunday night in Manila.