22 - 28
October 2017

Competition System

Group Phase

Eight (8) Division A teams will be divided into two (2) groups (A and B) of four (4) teams each. Each team will play all the other teams in its own group, each team plays a total of three (3) games in group phase.

All four (4) Teams in each group will then advance to the Divison A Quarter-Finals.

A total of twelve (12) games will be played in the Division A Group Phase.

It’s the same competition system for Divison B where there will be 7 teams instead.

Knockout Phase


The Quarter-Finals games will be decided on the ranking of the participating Teams in the Group Phase (i.e. 1st in Group A will play against 4th in Group B)

Game 13: A1 v B4

Game 14: B2 v A3

Game 15: A2 v B3

Game 16: B1 v A4

The four (4) winners advance to the Semi-Finals and the four (4) losers go on to play 5-8 Classification Games.


Game 17: Loser of Game 13 v Loser of Game 14

Game 18: Loser of Game 15 v Loser of Game 16

The two (2) winners advance to play 5-6 Classification Game, while the two (2) losers play 7-8 Classification Games.


The four (4) teams play as follows:

Game 19: Winner of Game 13 v Winner of Game 14

Game 20: Winner of Game 15 v Winner of Game 16 


Game 21: Loser of Game 17 v Loser of Game 18

Game 22: Winner of Game 17 v Winner of Game 18


Game 23: Loser of Game 19 v Loser of Game 20

Game 24: Winner of Game 19 v Winner of Game 20