28 July, 2019
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Discover Kigali

Kigali is the dynamic capital, at the heart of RWANDA

Kigali is Rwanda’s rapidly growing capital city and most important business center in the country. Founded in 1907 as a small colonial outpost with limited linkage to the outside world, it has today grown into a modern metropolis- the heart of the emerging Rwandan economy and the fastest and cleanest capital city in the continent of Africa.

Kigali is a great place to begin or end any Rwanda journey as it's conveniently located in the geographic center of the country. The city is clean and safe, with extremely welcoming people. Travelers will enjoy exploring the great cultural activities - including several award-winning museums, burgeoning music scene, and some of East Africa's most memorable dining experiences.

Kigali has a vast range of accommodation options including five star hotels, boutique hotels, apartments and bed and breakfasts, Kigali currently has on offer over 1,500 hotels rooms in the three to five star ranks.


Among the safest and friendliest of African capitals, City of Kigali is blessed with a moderate high altitude climate that belies its tropical location, and is conveniently located within three hours’ drive of the main tourist sites. The Rwandan capital provides both a comfortable and welcoming introduction to this land of a thousand hills and an ideal springboard from which to explore this magical country.

City of Kigali is made up of three districts namely Gasabo, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge. It is presently inhabited by approximately 1 million inhabitants. Kigali is 70% rural with a population which is relatively young- the youth make up about 60% and women make slightly more the 50%.

Rwanda key Information
Time zone: Central African Time (CAT) - GMT +2 hours
Size: 26,338 square kilometers
Capital City: Kigali
Major Economic Sectors: Tourism, mining and agriculture
Local currency: Rwandan Francs
Foreign Currency: All major currencies are accepted
Official languages: Kinyarwanda, French, English
Local language: Kinyarwanda
President: H.E Paul Kagame
Telephone country Code: +250 (Telecommunication is among the best in Africa)
ICT: High speed 4G LTE wireless broadband
Climate: temperate (24-27 degrees Celsius) making Rwandan an ideal destination year around.


Useful Contacts
  • In case of emergency, you can contact:

    Hospitals and Clinics
    - King Fayçal Hospital, Tel.: 0252 58 58 88/58 26 59 or 3939
    - Centre hospitalier universitaire de Kigali, Tel.: 0252 57 55 55
    - Clinique la Croix du Sud, Tel.: 0252 57 15 90
    - Clinique du Plateau, Tel.: 55 21 25

    - Pharmacy Conseil, Mobile: 078 830 50 77
    - Pharmacy Ki Pharma, Mobile: 078 835 10 28
    - Pharmacy Exodus, Mobile: 078 884 87 708

    - National Laboratory of Reference, Tel.: 0252 57 74 92
    - Laboratory of King Fayçal Hospital, Tel.: 0252 58 88 88

    Diplomatic Representations in Kigali
    - Embassy of Angola: 0252510820
    - Embassy of Burundi: 0252587940/ 0252587943/0252587944
    - Embassy of DR Congo: 0252575999
    - Embassy of Egypt: 0252587956
    - Consulate of Ghana: 0788301244
    - Embassy of Kenya: 0250583332-6/511889 / 08306227
    - Embassy of Libya: 0252572309/0252573760
    - High Commission of Nigeria: 0252575293
    - Embassy of Somalia: 0255119972
    - High Commission of South Africa: 0252583185/7/8
    - High Commission of Tanzania: 0252505400

  • During your stay in kigali, you can visit:

    • Genocide Memorials
    • Natural History Museum - Kandt House
    • Presidential Palace
    • Community Visits
    • Arts & Crafts
    • Sport & Athletics