28 - 30
October 2017

Shoot-Out Contest


Qualification: Up to one player per World Tour team attempts 10 shots (all worth one point) from the top of the arc, without time limit during the Day 1. The 4 players who score the most points in the shortest amount of time advance to the final. In case of a tie (same points and time), the tied players shoot again.

  • Participants:
    Janis Antrops Riga  5  30,49
    Blaz Cresnar Ljubljana 26,44 
    Dusan Bulut Novi Sad Al Wahda 33,03 
    Michael Hicks Krakow R8 Basket
    Boris Jersin Kranj 30,35 
    Stefan Kojic Liman 31,27 
    Jan Kratochvil Humpolec 32,58 
    Westher Molteni Lausanne 31,65 
    Gasper Ovnik Piran 25,27 
    Marko Petrovic Belgrade 23,61 
    Lazar Rasic Zemun Master 32,25 
    Steve Sir Saskatoon 30,75 

    Final: Before the semi-finals on Day 2, the 4 qualified players attempt 18 shots from four different locations: five from the right wing (45° angle from the baseline), five from the top of the arc (same location as qualification phase), five from the left wing (45° from the baseline) and three from the 3x3 logo. Shots from around the arc are worth 1 point, while shots from the 3x3 logo are worth 2 points. In case of a tie (same points and time), the tied players shoot again.

    Blaz Cresnar Ljubljana 8 12
    Westher Molteni Lausanne 9  9
    Lazar Rasic Zemun Master  3 0
    Steve Sir Saskatoon  12  5

Prizes: A pair of headphones and a portable photo printer

Note: If a player beats the all-time record of 15 points, he will win a 2,500USD cheque.