28 - 30
October 2017


Zemun Master's Bogdan Dragovic was named MVP of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Bloomage Beijing Final after leading the Serbian squad to the title in Beijing, China on October 29 2017.

The 27-year-old sharpshooter hit the biggest shot of the season, a desperation 2-pointer from the 3x3 logo at the buzzer for the championship, against two-time winners Novi Sad Al Wahda.

The man known as 'The Dragon' had a second-best 33 points during the entire event, with a few highlight plays that included a mean shammgod in the semi-final against Riga (LAT).

Natan Jurkovitz was named MSP (Most Spectacular Player) by the fans after the event, by making his mixtape video the most viewed of all 3 contestants. Besides he will be shortlisted for the most spectacular player of the year award at the end of the season.