26 - 28
August 2016

All Qualifiers

There are no wildcards at the FIBA 3x3 World Tour. In order to participate to the number one 3x3 event in the world, teams must shine at a qualifying tournament. Here is a first list of events where to earn a ticket to the World Tour. This list will be updated on a regular basis.

Mexico City Masters (16-17 July)
Event Organiser Country Date
USA National Champs USA Basketball Federation USA 28 October 2015
Hoop It Up Orlando Hoop It Up USA 7-8 November 2015
Uruguay Quest Uruguay Basketball Federation Uruguay 23 April
NYC 3x3 Battle Metropath USA 2 May-11 June
2016 Canada Quest - West Finals  Canada Basketball Federation Canada 4-5 June
Tour Nacional Cultura 3x3 Puerto Rico 2016 Cultura 3x3 Puerto Rico 24-26 June
Hoop It Up Louisville Hoop It Up USA 25-26 June
Mexico DF Quest*** WT LOC Mexico 25-26 June
2016 Canada Quest - East Finals Canada Basketball Federation Canada 9-10 July

Utsunomiya Masters (30-31 July)
Event Organiser Country Date
Doha Challenger** Qatar Basketball Federation Qatar 31 March
Penang Challenger** World Hoops Malaysia 7-8 May
Abu Dhabi Challenger** Abu Dhabi Sports Council & Sport Arena UAE 24-25 June
Tokyo Marine Insurance Cup CTTBA Chinese Taipei 17-18 June
Shenzhen Challenger** Sunsports China 16-17 July
L-MEN 3x3 Indonesian Tour 3x3 Indonesia Indonesia 16 January - 17 July
.EXE Premier League XEBIO Japan 11 June - 17 July

Prague Masters (6-7 August)
Event Organiser Country Date
Streetball Masters 2016  Netherlands Basketball Federation Netherlands 27 March - 23 July
3x3 Urban Legends Tour Playfools Greece 16 April - 26 June
Chance 3x3 Quest Czech Basketball Federation Czech Republic 14 May - 19 June
B33 Tour B33 Hungary 28 May - 9 July
Sprite 3x3 Streetball Tallinn Open Quest Eesti 3x3 Korvpalli Liit Estonia 28 May-30 July
NBA 3X Odense GAME Denmark 5 June
Lipik Challenger** LIBOX Croatia 8-9 July
Moscow Open** Streetbasket Russia Russia 22-23 July
Berlin ING Challenger** K1X - Shutupandplay Germany 23-24 July

Lausanne Masters (26-27 August)
Event Organiser Country Date
3x3 Belgian Masters VBL Belgium  14 May - 31 July
Turkish 3x3 Tour Turkish Basketball Federation Turkey 14 May - 14 August
3x3 Roda Serbia Tour Basketball Federation of Serbia Serbia 14 May-20 August
Plaza 3x3 Spanish Quest FEB Spain 28 May-23 July
Swiss Tour Swiss Basketball Federation & Playmaker Switzerland 5 June - 21 August
Open de France French Basketball Federation France 5 June - 30 July
Polish 3x3 Quest Polish Basketball Federation Poland 25 June - 31 July
Streetball Italia Tour FIP & FISB Italia 25 June - 31 July
Sibiu Challenger** Eco Sport Romania 30-31 July
Lugano Challenger** Playmaker Switzerland 6 August

Debrecen Masters (7-8 September)
Event Organiser Country Date
DBB 3x3 Open 2016 DBB Germany 30 Oct 2015-24 July
USL 3x3 2016 USL 3x3 Ukraine 14 May-24 August
3x3 Tour Romania  Sport Arena Romania 21-22 May-26-28 August
Croatian Basket Tour Basket Tour Croatia 29 May - 30 July
Samsung DP Kosarka 3x3 National Tour Ekstrem & Slovenian Basketball Federation Slovenia 11 June - 13 August
Ball Out 2016 Reach and Teach United Kingdom 1 July - 28 August
Bucharest Challenger** Sport Arena Romania 13-14 August
The Hague Challenger** Netherlands Basketball Federation Netherlands 18-19 August

Beijing Masters (16-17 September)
Event Organiser Country Date
Japanese 3x3 Championships Japan Basketball Association Japan 25-27 March
Burger King Tour Basketball New Zealand & There is A Better Way New Zealand 28 November - 2 April
Qatar City Tour Qatar Basketball Federation Qatar 10 March - 31 April
Abu Dhabi 3x3 Quest Abu Dhabi Sports Council & Sport Arena UAE 31 March-19 June
Chengdu Challenger Chengdu Basketball Association China 17-19 June
Lebanon Quest Yasser Haj Lebanon 12 June - 24 July
.EXE Premier League Xebio Japan 11 June - 11 September
MCC Quest** Master Card Center China 22 July - 11 September
FUSC Tour FUSC China tbd
CBA League CBA & Nike China tbd
G-Shock Tour Casio China tbd

Americas Masters (24-25 September)
Event Organiser Country Date
II Circuito Paulista de Basquete 3x3 ANB Brazil 21 February - 5 June
Campeonato Brasileiro de Basquete 3x3 CBB Brazil 30 April-18 September
Egyptian Quest - Road to Rio Hardwork Egypt Egypt 15 July-29 July
Tour Ecuador 2016 Triple E Ecuador 22-24 July- 19-21 August
USA National Champs USA Basketball Federation USA 27-28 August
Buenos Aires Challenger 3x3NQN Argentina 3-4 September
ANB Challenger** ANB Brazil 10-11 September
Tour CABB 2016 Argentina Basketball Federation Argentina tbd
ARG NQN Quest 3x3NQN Argentina tbd
Chile Quest 3x3NQN Chile  tbd
Local Qualifier WT LOC Mexico tbd

**Denotes tournaments from which 2 teams qualify for the World Tour

The winners of each Masters and the best teams in the World Tour standings after the Rio de Janeiro Masters qualify for the FIBA 3x3 World Tour Final, which will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 27-28 October.

All organisers interested in hosting a FIBA 3x3 World Tour Qualifier in 2016 or in following seasons can contact FIBA's 3x3 team.