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18 - 24
August 2019
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FIBA U17 Oceania Championship logo pays homage to New Caledonia culture

Noumea (New Caledonia) - FIBA is proud to unveil the logo for the 2019 FIBA U17 Oceania Championship.

The logo of the championship paid tribute to the indigenous culture of New Caledonia which features the "Ridge Arrow", a strong symbol of the New Caledonian Kanak history.


The ridge is a sculpture carved in the wood of a Giant Houp tree (found only in New Caledonia), which adorns the roof of large ceremonial huts and embodies the chieftaincy of the founding ancestors of a clan, which in Kanak society represented the body of the chief and the antiquity of the origins.

The 2019 FIBA U17 Oceania Championship will take place from 19th to 25th of August, 2019.

For the latest news on the 2019 FIBA U17 Oceania Championships visit the official website here: fiba.com/oceania/u17/2019