Official Draw of the 2017 FIBA Europe Cup

Three extra Regular Season spots up for grabs in Qualification Round 2

MUNICH (FIBA Europe Cup) - Three extra teams from the FIBA Europe Cup Qualification Round 2 will be granted a place in the Regular Season to fill the vacancies that opened up due to opt-outs of some Basketball Champions League clubs.

Three 'lucky losers' will join the 10 winners of Qualification Round 2 into the Group Phase of the 2017-18 FIBA Europe Cup campaign to complete the 32-team field, with the other 19 participants already known.

Applying sporting principles, the teams will be ranked according to goal difference, and then further criteria as per the Official Basketball Rules, of the combined results of both Qualification Round 2 games.

If clubs have equal ranking, Qualification Round 1 games will be considered if applicable. In the case this also fails break the tie, the clubs' performance in European Club Competitions in the last three years will determine the ranking as a last instance.

The three teams to qualify for the Regular Season as the 'lucky losers' will be drawn into Groups D, F and G by FIBA Europe on Thursday, October 12 in the House of Basketball in Mies, Switzerland taking into account the county restriction of not having more than two teams from any country in the same group.