14 October, 2019
15 March, 2020
Real Estelí tuvo su práctica en Chihuahua
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Capitanes and Real Esteli look to start on a winning path

Date: Monday, 10/28
Local game time: 8:00 PM
TV: DirecTV
Referees: Alexis Mercado Pacheco (Puerto Rico), Roberto Emilio Mota Inoa (Dominican Republic) and Mauricio Chinchilla Picado (Costa Rica).
Venue: Gimnasio Rodrigo Quevedo, Chihuahua.

It’s opening day for Mexico’s Capitanes and Nicaragua’s Real Estelí at the Basketball Champions League Americas. The North American side will host the game in Chihuahua after merging with Centauros for this competition, whose Group D begins with Fuerza Regia, another Mexican team.

The hosts will feature an alternative roster to the one playing in Mexico’s National Professional Basketball League (LNBP, for its Spanish acronym), and will be coached by Jorge Valverde instead of Ramón Díaz, Capitanes’ usual coach.
However, they’ll be reinforced by Jorge Gutiérrez, the point guard that was part of the Denver Nuggets’ Training Camp just a few days ago. Capitanes will only feature two foreign players in their roster: US American Carl Hall and Canadian player Grandy Glaze.

As for Real Estelí, it’ll be a team to look out for since they've just won their second championship in the Nicaragua League, and they also have continental experience and an experienced coach. David Rosario is preparing an aggressive squad with the best he has and with the hope of showing what took them to play in this first edition of the BCLA. Christopher Blake and Jared Ruiz are the main spades up the Central American team’s sleeve during their first stop in Mexico.

Capitanes began the Mexican league with 9 wins in 13 games, and they're currently fourth in the Western Conference.