14 October, 2019
31 October, 2020
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BCL Americas Semifinal will be held in Buenos Aires

MIAMI (United States) - Game 3 of the Semifinal of the Basketball Champions League Americas between Asociacion Atletica Quimsa (Santiago del Estero, Argentina) and San Lorenzo de Almagro (Buenos Aires, Argentina), will be played at Obras Stadium in Buenos Aires, on Sunday, October 25 at 8 p.m.

The game was first announced that it would be played in the city of Cordoba, Argentina but as COVID-19 cases kept rising, the event was moved to Argentina’s capital.

Taking into account the health protocols of the government of the city of Buenos Aires, the match will be played without an audience at Obras Sanitarias Stadium. The organization will implement the maximum health and safety controls to all the teams and officials involved.

The winner of Quimsa-San Lorenzo will face Flamengo (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) in a single title match, which will be played at the Antel Arena in Montevideo, Uruguay, on Friday, October 30 at 8:00 p.m.

Both games will be broadcasted by DIRECTV for Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru, as well as DAZN in Brazil and YouTube in the rest of the countries.