Skills Contest

Participants: Up to 1 player per team (women only)


Format: A time limit of 45 seconds is applied. The player (can choose side) is standing at the starting line, after the "Go", she must hit Corner Shot, dribble through a slalom through 4 cones, make a straight pass into a target, dribble through another slalom with 2 balls forward and then backwards, do a straight pass, dribble through the slalom and score the basket. The 4 fastest women qualify for the knock-out round, which consists of a semi-final, a bronze-medal round and a final. In case of a tie, the tied players do the same run again.

1 Anastasiya Sushchyk BLR  30,28
2 Nelsy Maria Sentil Almonte DOM  -
3 Deniece Adriana Gunarto INA  -
4 Anna Rosecká CZE  -
5 Evgeniia Frolkina RUS 26.85 
6 Ecaterina Armanu ROU  34,43
7 Sarah Juliet Ageno UGA
8 Theresa Simon GER  28,62
9 Nahideh Asadi Aghdash IRI
10 Khulan Onolbaatar MGL  31,02


1 Moe Nagata JPN  -
2 Nataliia Tsiubyk UKR  -
3 mariella santucci ITA  -
4 Viktoriya Rahmanova TKM  -
5 Victoria  Majekodunmi FRA 27,78 
6 Orsolya Tóth HUN  -
7 Haimei Wang CHN  27,01
8 Nadia Nicole Constantin SUI  28,11
9 Rashmi Taniya Perera Sri Wickramage Don SRI  30,10
10 Kiki Carola Josefien Fleuren NED  28,30

The four players with the best time qualify for the Final. In case of a draw, these players will compete again.


Format: Same as for the qualifications (best player from the qualification against 4th best and 2nd best against 3rd best) but this time head to head.

Medals: The winner of the final earns the gold medal, the final runner-up wins silver and the bronze-medal round winner strikes bronze.