31 December, 2017

Competition Format

Challengers are international tournaments, played during two days, with prize money limited to 16 invitational teams. Teams are divided into 4 pools of 4. 

All teams play every other in their respective pools. The best 2 in each pool qualify for the quarter-finals.

In case teams are tied in the pools, the tie-breakers are as follows:

1. Most wins (or win ratio in case of unequal number of games in inter-pool comparison);  
2. Head-to-head confrontation (only taking win/loss into account);
3. Most points scored in average (without considering winning scores of forfeits).

If teams are still tied after those three steps, the one(s) with the highest seeding win(s) the tie-breaker.

After the pools, the teams play knock-out games all the way to the final.

Pool games are played on Day 1, and the knock-out games on Day 2.