15 - 23
July 2023
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Ten reasons you need the U19 Women's World Cup in your life

MADRID (Spain) - The countdown to the FIBA U19 Women's Basketball World Cup 2023 seems to somehow be going evermore quickly and so we haven't got time to write down all the reasons to watch and follow it.

However, we have come up with the top 10 reasons you seriously need all things #FIBAU19 in your life when the action gets underway in Madrid, Spain between July 15-23.

10 - Juste Jocyte (just watch if you don't already know)

You need words as well?  Actions speak louder, surely. Okay then - JJ is a future legend in the making. There you go.

9 - The Spanish fans are going to BRING IT like always

From screams of 'Falta' when they feel aggrieved, to screams of delight when their team scores, to chanting 'Espana' and whistling so loud when Spain's opponents have the ball that your ears might just bleed, you need to be prepared. Spanish fans are going to make it a partisan and brilliant atmosphere. Oh and you might even get some live music and performances throw into the mix too!

8 - You can say you saw that Women's World Cup or Olympian star first!

That's right - you get to see the future best players on the planet before they enter onto the radar of the 'mainstream' basketball fans. In coming years when you see them at the FIBA Basketball World Cup, in EuroLeague Women or the Olympics, you can proudly say that you saw them balling when they were mere teenagers and have been on your basketball radar for ages! Here's just some of the past stars that have played at past editions - including the likes of current World Cup MVP, A'ja Wilson!

7 - Because EPIC upsets and shocks do sometimes happen. 

That's right - they may have absolutely dominated this competition, but once in a while, USA get caught and that is what happened just six years ago when Russia took the title. Could this be the year someone else comes up with the shock silverware?

6 - Toby Fournier might throw one down

 All eyes on the Canadian star as she looks for a repeat of her throw done at #FIBAU17 last year!

5 - Because Africa's got game and this tournament shows it

For multiple reasons you sometimes don't hear a whole lot about women's basketball talents in the Africa region compared to others around the globe, but the FIBA U19 Women's Basketball World Cup provides that essential platform to prove that Africa has got game! And remember at the last edition? The phenomenal Sika Kone, the historic Semi-Finals for Mali. Get ready for lock in for more!

4 - We got ourselves the mother of all 'Groups of Death' drawn!

There are 'Groups of Death' and then there is THIS competition's 'Group of Death'. It includes Europe powerhouses and derby rivals Spain and France, plus regular challengers and Asia champs Australia.

Yes, they all got put in one pool for the initial phase and even if somehow (inexplicably) we can't persuade you to follow the wider tournament, you would probably be fully entertained, satisfied and have a better basketball life (maybe just a better life in general) even if you just focused on this one group. Oooof, it's going to be tough to take our eyes off it. As for Argentina (the fourth team) - what did they do to deserve this? 

3 - We got ourselves a state-of-the-art LED floor premiere for you

No, really -we did. For the last phase of the competition when it gets to the business end, you're going to be watching the best young players on the planet doing their thing on the latest high-tech, hi-spec (insert all other related words here...) sports flooring. Seriously, it's going to be epic, a world premiere for basketball and for more about it (what it is and how it works) you need to click here

2 - The hosts are strong, strong, strong

Feeding into these reasons around the Spanish fans, the upsets that are possible and even taking into account the 'Group of Death' they find themselves in, it's always a good sign when a host nation like Spain has a team capable of making it all the way. It adds a feel that this is going to be a great one. With incredible young talents like the still young Awa Fam and the free-scoring Iyana Martin Carrion, we can get ready for this tournament to be oozing Spanish passion AND skills and success on the court!


That's right - while the overwhelming likelihood is that you will hear this being chanted, even taking into account the earlier reason around epic upsets, you have to respect the opportunity to see the flag bearers for women's hoops. Down the years and to this day, everyone wants to see the team that sets the standards. Will there be a future Diana Taurasi, Lisa Leslie, Breanna Stewart on their roster? How good will this USA be compared to the amazing ones of the past. Pull up a chair, get the popcorn and let the debate begin!