15 - 23
July 2023
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Semi-Finals Preview: Who's making the U19 WWC title game?

MADRID (Spain) - The Semi-Finals of the FIBA U19 Women's Basketball World Cup 2023 promise plenty as the last four teams standing continue in their quests to land a medal and the precious silverware.


Here's a guide to everything you need to know about Saturday's Semi-Finals in Madrid.

France vs USA 

In their first Semi-Finals outing for a decade, it's going to be tremendously difficult for France to try and take down the reigning champions who have absolutely blown everyone away, but women's basketball is notoriously unpredictable. USA are looking like red-hot favorites in every way and will be expected to make yet another title game. 

Key matchups:  For France to even keep close and then potentially threaten an upset, it will all boil down to their one-two punch of Leila Lacan and Anaelle Dutat continuing their excellent form in these past games. They proved to be a devastating duo in the Quarter-Finals and they can't fall short. Equally, USA have Chloe Kitts and Joyce Edwards also flying right now, so will they both lead again?

X-Factor: It has to be tempo. The offensive numbers that USA are pumping our right now are ridiculous and France have no chance of running and gunning with them. They will want to make it more of a half-court ' contest and the slower it is, the uglier it is, the more France's chances of a surprise win will increase. But have they got what it takes to rebound well and stay composed on the ball?

Stats Don't Lie: It's mind-blowing, but USA average more than 62 points per game off the bench. Some teams aren't averaging that level of scoring as a team. 

Did You Know? It's 22 years since USA lost in the Semi-Finals. meaning they are on a nine-game winning streak at this stage of the competition. 

Spain vs Canada

The home support will be awesome for Spain as they step out on home soil just one win away from making the showpiece Final for a third time as they chase their maiden title. Meanwhile Canada are also hoping it will be a case of third time lucky in the Semi-Finals, since they have never won at this stage previously - having lost their two other Semi-Finals outings. 

Key matchups:  Spain will have a razor-sharp focus on slowing down not one, or two, but the three-pronged Canadian offensive fork of Toby Fournier, Cassandre Prosper and Syla Swords because as predicted before the tournament, they're all showing their quality and operating at a high level. Spain have the personnel to do it as they are arguably less reliant on their leaders, with more bench options.

But there will certainly be a massive emphasis on the powerful Awa Fam to come up with a big display on the glass because that is where Canada have really been hurting teams and controlling games from.

X-Factor: It's all about the defense for Spain. If they can get anywhere close to the level they had in that lockdown of Lithuania in the Quarter-Finals, then they will make life really difficult for Canada. 

Stats Don't Lie: At 52 percent, Canada are the worst free-throw shooters in the tournament and that could really bite them if they don't pick this side of their game up.

Did You Know? Canadian ace Toby Fournier is currently on 81 rebounds and could set multiple records if she continues her jaw-dropping show on the glass. She is on pace to become the first baller to record 100 rebounds in the competition since the format changed to just 7 games in 2015. She would become only the 4th player to reach the milestone in tournament history if she does and will could also end up with the most rebounds per game by any player - ever.