18 - 26
July 2015


The town of Chekhov is the administrative centre of Chekhovskiy Municipal District. It is considered to be one of the central sport development spots of the Moscow region.  There is a new multi-purpose sport arena and also an Ice hockey palace. The city is a home town for a handball team “Chekhovskie Medvedi”, which have become Champions of Russia multiple times, three-time water polo Champion of Russia – “Sturm – 2002”, KHL Ice-hockey team “Vityaz”.

City info
  • Population: 60 720 (2010 census)
    Distance from Moscow: 52 km
    Host city for FIBA Europe U20 Championship (for Men)

  • By plane
    As Chekhov is situated close to Moscow all three international airports of the Russian capital  will be available for the guests and participants of the Championship. It will be more comfortable to travel to Chekhov and Podolsk from the Vnukovo and Domodedovo international airports, rather than having a trip through a busy Moscow megapolis while getting there from Sheremetevo airport.

    Domodedovo International Airport (DME)
    Phone: +7 495 933-66-66

    Sheremetevo International Airport (SVO)
    Phone: +7 (495) 578-65-65
    +7 (925) 100-65-65
    +7 (495) 956-46-66

    Vnukovo International Airport (VKO)
    Phone: +7 495 937-55-55

    By train
    For visitors who prefer train there is a direct railway connection between Moscow and such cities as Paris, Berlin, Prague, Helsinki, Vienna and Beijing. However due to long distances travel by train will take at least couple of days. All international trains arrive at one of the nine Moscow railway stations, which are situated in the central part of the city.

    By car
    Moscow region is a part of a huge road net, which connects Moscow with Europe and partly Asia.  Everyone who considers travel by car should take into account distance and time; however this trip may become a great entertainment.

  • Sport Palace “Olimpiiskiy”, Chekhov
     Built in 2003
      142300, Russia, Moscow region, Chekhov, Poligrafistov St, bld. 30
      3.000 seats
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    How to get to the venue
    It is recommended to hire a car or to get a taxi.

  • The town of Chekhov named after famous Russian writer Anton Chekhov appeared on the map of Russia around 60 years ago after renaming of an ancient trading village Lopasnya. Chekhov is the center of a district in Moscow region with population of 60 thousand people and is situated 52 km from the capital of Russia.

    Archeological data provides evidence that people inhabited the area of Chekhov during the Neolithic age and back in the 10th century the region had been inhabited by Slavonic tribes. The first record the geographical name “Lopasnya” appears in chronical of 1175 year.

    The village Lopasnya, currently the town of Chekhov, is closely connected not only with Anton Chekhov, who at some point of his life lived there, but also with Alexander Pushkin whose wife and offspring lived not far from the area.

    Though the town of Chekhov is rather small it has developed sports infrastructure and hosts numerous competitions, such as games of the EHF European Cup, Russian Championship of Minifootball, international boxing and basketball tournaments.

    For those who are interested in arts and history the Moscow region offers variety of historical sites within one hour away by car. One of the most famous cities of the southern part of the region is Kolomna - a city nearly 900 years old, with its own Kremlin and the oldest church in Moscow Region, the Church of St John the Baptist (14th century). Zvenigorod is a small town, but it also has its own Kremlin which contains the wonderfully preserved Saviour Cathedral (1399) and its interior frescoes by Russia's greatest painter Andrei Rublev, as well as the Savvino-Storozhevsky Monastery and some extravagant 19th century dachas.

    For more information please follow the link: http://www.russiatourism.ru/en/contents/turism_v_rossii/russia-s-regions/central-federal-district/moscow-region/