09 - 17
July 2022
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Who was MVP of each group at the FIBA U17 Women's Basketball World Cup?

DEBRECEN (Hungary) - The FIBA U17 Women's Basketball World Cup 2022 has been an exciting competition so far with some monumental individual efforts, but who were the standout players of the Group phase?

Here's who can lay claim to being the MVP of each group.

Group A 

Petra Toman - Hungary Hungary 

Average Stats: 14.3 PPG / 5.7 RPG / 2.3 APG / 16.7 EFF

The pressure on Hungary has been considerable and even more so on their centerpiece Toman, who was always expected to carry a large slice of hopes in her hands. So far at least, she has led Hungary brilliantly, taking them to a perfect 3 of 3 group wins and showing some important leadership attributes - as well as some towering performances.

Group B

Dominique Malonga - France  FRA

Average Stats: 15.7 PPG / 9.0. RPG / 3.0 APG / 3.0 SPG / 21.7 EFF 

Malonga arrived with a big reputation due to her court time with LDLC ASVEL Feminin and great work in the Basketball Without Borders Europe camp. She has not disappointed as the marquee player for an unbeaten French team dreaming of another podium. Powerful, but with great smarts in other facets of her game at both ends of the court, she could be an All-Star Five lock if France medal.

Group C

Toby Lee Fournier - Canada CAN

Average Stats: 18.7 PPG / 15.3 RPG / 2.0 APG / 2.0 SPG / 2.0 BPG /  28.0 EFF

What an incredible competition Fournier is having. She has amassed a mammoth tournament double-double so far and not only done it in terms of scoring and rebounding. She has also performed well in every single area, averaging a rather neataverage of 2.0 in assists, steals and blocks. But of course the MVP for the Group award is almost deserved just for that amazing dunk against Korea!

Group D

Breya Cunningham - USA [USA] 

Average Stats: 10.0 PPG / 7.7 RPG / 1.7 BPG / 15.0 EFF

It's always tough to shine on such a deep team like the USA and in the first couple of games, Cunningham was rock solid. It was in the third group game against Germany that she turned up the volume on her performance and impressed in a big way as the title holders rolled on unbeaten into the Round of 16.