15 - 25
June 2023
22 Maria Conde (ESP), 12 Maite Cazorla (ESP), 20 Paula Ginzo (ESP)
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Preparation Games Tracker: Spain soar past Belgium, wins for Italy, Israel and Serbia

MUNICH (Germany) - With the start of the FIBA Women's EuroBasket 2023 fast approaching, the 16 participating nations will be looking to fine-tune their play with an array of preparation games.

Every contender will be playing in warm-up matchups leading up to the main event, which will take place in Slovenia and Israel from June 15-25.

Below is a schedule to keep track of how each team performs in preparation games.

Disclaimer: The schedule displayed on this page have been extracted from information made public by the relevant National Federations. It is not comprehensive and will be updated as games are confirmed and announced; dates and venues are subject to change.

Tuesday, May 16:
Venue Fixture Score
Celje (SLO) Slovenia v Hungary  64-87
Wednesday, May 17:
Venue Fixture Score
Slovenske Konjice (SLO) Slovenia v Hungary  62-94
Friday, May 19:
Venue Fixture Score
Belgrade (SRB) Serbia v Belgium 64-66 
Saturday, May 20:
Venue Fixture Score
Belgrade (SRB) Serbia v Belgium 67-58 
Monday, May 22:
Venue Fixture Score
Szekesfehervar (HUN) Hungary v Portugal 79-65 
Tuesday, May 23:
Venue Fixture Score
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey v Greece   90-75 
Zlatibor (SRB) Serbia v Montenegro  79-64
Podcetrtek (SLO) Slovenia v Croatia  86-78
Szekesfehervar (HUN) Hungary v Portugal    61-57 
Wednesday, May 24:
Venue Fixture Score
Vigo (ESP) Italy v China 62-63 
Zlatibor (SRB) Serbia v Montenegro 68-53 
Menges (SLO) Slovenia v Croatia 81-71 
Thursday, May 25:
Venue Fixture Score
Vigo (ESP) Spain v Italy  55-44
Piestany (SVK) Slovakia v Israel 74-87 
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey v Czech Republic  70-83
Istanbul (TUR) Latvia v Germany 74-64
Friday, May 26:
Venue Fixture Score
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey v Latvia  75-51
Istanbul (TUR) Germany v Czech Republic  51-56
Mons (BEL) Belgium v Greece 83-60 
Vigo (HUN) Spain v China 76-60 
Saturday, May 27:
Venue Fixture Score
Piestany (SVK) Slovakia v Israel  77-76
Istanbul (TUR) Latvia v Czech Republic 83-67 
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey v Germany 95-63
Sunday, May 28:
Venue Fixture Score
Braine (BEL) Belgium v Greece 87-57 
Toulouse (SRB) France v Serbia 73-61 
Monday, May 29:
Venue Fixture Score
Toulouse (FRA) France v Serbia  83-56
Maribor (SLO) Slovenia v Poland  83-72
Wednesday, May 31:
Venue Fixture Score
Athens (GRE) Greece v Israel  80-69
Thursday, June 1:
Venue Fixture Score
Prague (CZE) Czech Republic v Great Britain 98-44 
Friday, June 2:
Venue Fixture Score
Maroussi (GRE) Greece v Croatia 69-40 
Riga (LAT) Latvia v Slovakia 74-61 
Hradec Kralove (CZE) Czech Republic v Great Britain  66-48
Mont-De-Marsan (FRA) France v China  76-63
Cordoba (ESP) Spain v Turkey  76-37
Saturday, June 3:
Venue Fixture Score
Maroussi (GRE) Italy v Croatia 82-57 
Riga (LAT) Latvia v Slovakia  51-56
Cordoba (ESP) Belgium v Turkey  84-66
Mont-De-Marsan (FRA) France v China  81-50
Sunday, June 4:
Venue Fixture Score
Tel Aviv (ISR) Israel v Germany 73-69 
Maroussi (GRE) Greece v Italy  40-93
Cordoba (ESP) Spain v Belgium  72-54
Belgrade (SRB) Serbia v New Zealand 83-64
Monday, June 5:
Venue Fixture Score
Tel Aviv (ISR) Israel v Germany  
Wednesday, June 7:
Venue Fixture Score
Prague (CZE) Czech Republic v Slovakia  
Thursday, June 8:
Venue Fixture Score
Kortrijk (BEL) Belgium v China  
Prague (CZE) Czech Republic v Slovakia  
Ljubljana (SLO) Slovenia v Montenegro  
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey v Poland  
Friday, June 9:
Venue Fixture Score
Riga (LAT) Latvia v Korea  
Ljubljana (SLO) Slovenia v Montenegro  
Sopron (HUN) Hungary v Spain  
Saturday, June 10:
Venue Fixture Score
Leuven (BEL) Belgium v China  
Riga (LAT) Latvia v Korea  
TBC France v Great Britain  
Istanbul (TUR) Turkey v New Zealand  
Sopron (HUN) Hungray v Spain  
Sunday, June 11:
Venue Fixture Score
Pordenone (ITA) Italy v Germany