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June 2021
Who could break the modern day Women's EuroBasket game-high blocks record?
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Who could break the Women's EuroBasket single-game blocks record?

STRASBOURG/ VALENCIA (France / Spain) - There have been some great performances down the years at the various editions of the FIBA Women's EuroBasket, including by a number of 'Swat Queens'.

Looking back from the 2001 edition onwards, when data was first available in this category, the game-high list shows that only three players have produced more than 5 blocks in a game at the prestigious tournament.

The top three include some illustrious performers, with Olga Arteshina having went on to win gold in 2007 with Russia - one of three title wins she experienced. Meanwhile her compatriot Natalia Vieru is also a six-time EuroLeague Women champion, with the legendary Malgorzata Dydek of Poland a FIBA Hall of Fame member.

FIBA Women's EuroBasket Single-Game Blocks Leaders

Position Player Edition Game Blocks
1. Olga Arteshina (RUS) 2007 vs Greece 86-47 7
=2 Malgorzata Dydek (POL) 2003 vs Czech Republic 66-74 6
=2 Natalia Vieru (RUS) 2015 vs Spain 57-66 6
=4 Emma Meesseman (BEL) 2017 vs Italy 79-66 5
=4 Ann Wauters (BEL) 2017 vs Russia 76-75 5
=4 Anastasiya Verameyenka (BLR) 2013 vs Czech Republic 60-39 5
=4 Zane Teilane (LAT) 2011 vs Lithuania 56-75 5
=4 Natasas Popovic (MNE) 2011 vs Germany 76-64 5
=4 Ieva Kublina (LAT) 2005 vs Germany 77-67 5
=4 Gabriela Toma (ROM) 2005 vs Turkey 64-66 5

In our fan vote below, we are giving you an opportunity to decide which players heading to this year's edition could be the best candidates to catapult themselves into the chart, perhaps even overtaking standalone leader, Olga Arteshina.

Meanwhile multiple players on the list are expected to be participating at the event in Strasbourg and Valencia and that means they could even aim to break their own personal records. Those expected to step out include Belgian Cats' duo Emma Meesseman and Ann Wauters, plus the EuroLeague Women All-Time Blocks Leader, Anastasiya Verameyneka of Belarus.

But, there are other candidates too, who have all shown their shot-blocking ability previously, so it's time to make your choice!