22 September, 2022
01 October
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FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2022 identity a labour of love, born from the heart of Australia

SYDNEY (Australia) - Fourteen-year-old Aboriginal basketballer Armarlie 'Marlii' Biscoe has inspired a unique and meaningful logo for the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2022, to be held in Sydney, by creating a stunning piece of Indigenous artwork to symbolize her story.

Briscoe's artwork represents everything she loves in her life, including her biggest loves - 'art', 'basketball', 'culture' and 'country'.

These symbols of love from her artwork have been represented within the traditional basketball-shaped logo, which also features the newly launched FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup trophy.

The logo, at the center of the 2022 event's identity, embodies Australia's heritage and spirit of unity.

"This painting represents me and my life as a young Arrernte and Anmatjerra girl," Briscoe described.

"The painting of the middle circle represents me and the stuff around it is all the stuff I love in my life. It represents the love I have for culture and for my country, my love for basketball and my love for art."

Briscoe, a young emerging Indigenous artist, was guided by her mother Amunda as she created the large piece of artwork across two days in their hometown of Alice Springs.

Also a keen basketballer, playing with her friends for the 'Cruisers' team in Alice Springs, Briscoe has fond memories of playing basketball with her father.

"Dad used to play basketball and he used to take us to the courts a lot with my sisters," Briscoe explained.

"I love playing defense, cuz (sic*) in most of my teams I will be the tallest and so whenever someone tries to get a basket I can hit it out of their hands.

"Maybe one day I could play in a women's team and go traveling versing other teams and then get big one day, cuz (sic*) I really love basketball. If I keep training and versing other teams, maybe I'll get somewhere if they see me playing basketball. Someone will see my skills and how good I am and pick me to be on a good team."

The FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup 2022 official logo for FIBA's flagship women's event was revealed along with the event ambassador, Lauren Jackson, in a ceremony held in Sydney to mark the 500 days to go milestone.