01 - 09
July 2023
22 Arella Guirantes (PUR)
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Scoring Race: Arella Guirantes ends up with most points in Women's AmeriCup

LEON (Mexico) - There was so much on the line in Leon at the FIBA Women's AmeriCup 2023, which meant every point counted throughout the competition.

That's why these scorers put in all of their efforts to add to their team's tally, which resulted in them being ranked as the best point-getters in Leon.

In the end, it was Puerto Rico's Arella Guirantes that ended up as the scoring champion of the Women's AmerCup 2023 with143 points in total. Champions Brazil were led by Damiris Dantas who finished amogn the Top 5 scorers with 97 points to her name.

Check out how the race to be the top scorer went in the Women's AmeriCup 2023!