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September 2019
12 Dayshalee Salaman (PUR)
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Dayshalee Salaman: there's a reason they call her ''Dynamite''

SAN JUAN (Puerto Rico) – Dayshalee Salamán purchases many basketball shoes but keeps very few. Every time a game ends she seeks a child that “catches my heart because they want to aim for more and they can’t” to give it to them. That’s precisely the same attitude that the national Puerto Rican women's team player portrays in court with her team. It’s an explosive but generous game where she celebrates her teammates’ success with the same passion as she does her own.

At 29 years of age and showing off her abundant curly blonde hair, Salamán is one of the key gears of the Boricuas that compete in this FIBA Women's AmeriCup in search to improve their 2017 bronze medal and that, for the first time in history, gave them the ticket to a FIBA Basketball Women’s World Cup.

The point guard that measures a mere 5’5” has enough energy to light up a power plant. She’s vocal in both sides of the court – and in the bench – and she has the speed to end in a transition or to put everyone on their feet at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum after a three-point shot. That's why she’s been nicknamed “Dinamita”, or “Dynamite”, in English.

“I always contribute with energy,” said Salamán after the game on Wednesday against the Dominican Republic, where she scored 15 points and made four assists. “I always try to talk to (my teammates) and bring my leadership on board. Even if I'm not on the court I always try to bring that energy that characterizes me.”

This is a contribution that coach Jerry Batista welcomes, particularly because it comes from a reserve player. “That’s what she always brings to the court,” said Batista about Salamán’s energy. “She’s is a player that comes in with a lot of energy, she has a lot of offense, she’s a player that instantly attacks and that’s very centered. Despite being a little sick she’s been able to play some quality minutes and that was very important for us to be able to recover the offense’s rhythm, which we didn't have when the game started,” Batista concluded.

Her bursts of energy are contagious even for the hundreds of local fans that enjoy each game and seem to cheer louder each time that Salamán steps on the court. Up to the moment in the FIBA Women's AmeriCup, the Puerto Rican playmaker averaged 9 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds. Nonetheless, her goal is a medal.

“Getting in the medals,” said Salamán about her expectations for the tournament. “Obviously you always aim to win, so that's the goal. I always try to give my best and more so for Puerto Rico. I’ll give whatever they ask from me.”

When she's not watching her favorite movie, Finding Nemo, or listening to one of her favorite singers, Bad Bunny, Salamán is in the court achieving her dreams and becoming the star of the dreams of thousands of girls that admire her for her tenacity and heart.

For those that watch her and aspire to be like her, Salamán’s message is to follow the same path that has brought her here: “Don't give up. Your faith in God is important, always trust your talent and work hard. You’ll get there.”

Emmanuel Márquez