10 - 18
August 2019

Competition System


The twelve (12) teams are divided into four (4) groups (A, B, C and D) of three (3) teams each.
Each team will take on the two (2) opponents in its respective group in one-leg game.
The top teams in each group will advance directly to the Quarter-Finals. The teams ranked second (2nd) and third (3rd) will play the qualification round for the Quarter-Finals.


After the group phase, the teams ranked second and third will compete in a qualifying round for the Quarter-Finals in knockout matches as follows:
2nd A x 3rd B; 2nd B x 3rd A; 2nd C x 3rd D and 2nd D x 3rd C.
The winners will qualify for the Quarter-Finals.


The winners of the Quarter-Final advance to Semi-Finals, while the losers will play the classification games for the 5 – 8 Places.
The classification game for Third-Place and the Final will be played on the last day of competition (August 18).