13 November, 2023
06 May, 2024

Media Rules

Accredited Media for all FIBA events, including FIBA West Asia Super League, must at all times act in accordance with international media and journalism ethics and principles. They must also maintain high standards especially in regards to truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability.

Accredited Media Categories

Non-Rights Holders

- Do not have the right to broadcast or film any game, pre- or post-game action as well as any other video and audio content from within the court area of the arena.  
- May not publish live scoring or live still images online. The video and audio broadcasting rights of all FIBA competitions as well as the live scoring and statistics belong to FIBA and any infringement may result in legal action being taken. 
- Are only permitted to film interviews in the Mixed Zone and the Press Conference Room. 
- Are accommodated in the media tribune(s) according to the space available 
- Are not allowed to eat in the media tribune; water only is allowed. 
- Are not permitted to take photographs of on-court action with professional equipment, whether from the media tribune, commentary tribune, photographer benches or from any other area within the arena, unless if accredited as photographers. 


- Must be accommodated in the photographers’ positions on the baseline benches . 
- Photographer bibs/vests are required in order to access the photographer benches and to take any photograph within the arena with professional photography equipment. They must be worn at all times. 
- Must avoid disrupting or blocking the view of the court and/or the work of other members of the media and/or spectators. 
- Must not change ends during play or time-outs, instead they may change ends only at half-time opposite side of the benches only). 
- Must not venture onto the game floor, at any stage before, during or after the game. 
- Must not take photos from behind or beside the team benches. 
- Must not block the view or the function of the advertisement panels etc. 
- Must not eat or drink in their work stations behind the baskets. 
- Do not have access to the Media Tribune. 

Upon violation of any of the above conditions or upon non-compliance with the instructions given on site, FIBA Regional Office – Asia reserves the right to withdraw accreditation, with or without prior warning.


This category of accredited media is granted to those who have acquired video and/or radio rights of the FIBA West Asia Super League. To become a rights holder for the FIBA West Asia Super League, contact FIBA's Commercial Rights Holder for FIBA WASL, eVulpa, at info@evulpa.com.

For inquires and questions related to the Media Regulations, you can contact communication.wasl@fiba.basketball.