23 - 29
August 2021
7 Daniela Mendoza (MEX), Chile v Mexico
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Quarter-Final stage is set at FIBA U16 Americas Women's Championship

GUANAJUATO (Mexico) - With group play finished at the FIBA U16 Americas Women’s Championship, the stage is set for the Quarter-Finals this Friday where Group A and Group B will finally cross over and each team will be seeing their opponent for the first time this competition.

Chile’s win over Mexico leaves each team, as well as Argentina, at a 1-2 record, points differential decided the order of who finished second through fourth in the table. The Quarter-Final bracket is set, and the four winners will not only move onto the next round but are guaranteed a spot in the FIBA U17 Women's Basketball World Cup 2022.

Canada vs. Chile

As the favorites to knock off USA from the top of the podium, Canada has had a stellar run in the tournament, winning their final two games of group play by over 50 points. Cassandre Prosper and Delany Gibb have made waves as both players have shown their versatility on both ends of the court, but Summer Bostock will be another sharpshooter to look out for as Canada looks to continue their undefeated streak in the competition.

Though Chile won their final match of group play to move to 1-2, their point differential ultimately was their downfall despite big performances from Vania Vega, who was a standout for Chile all tournament and tallied 17 points, 7 rebounds and 5 steals in their win over Mexico. Chile will be looking to protect the rim against Canada and ride the momentum of their win to potentially upset the top Group A team.

Puerto Rico vs. Mexico

Puerto Rico has proved that they are one of the top teams in contention and have a roster full of players who can contribute on the court at any minute. Franchesca Torres Rodriguez will be a star to watch as Puerto Rico aims for a podium finish. In the top three of points, rebounds and assists for her team, Rodriguez has not only court vision and a scoring ability on offense but is also hungry on the boards and will make it difficult to score any second chance points.

The host nation of Mexico was in danger of falling to the bottom of their pool to face Canada but fought back from a 17-point deficit to outscore Chile 24-11 in the fourth quarter and secure a third place finish even despite the 62-60 loss. Mexico's Loriette Maciel finished with 15 points and 9 rebounds in the final group play game.


Argentina vs. Brazil

After a tough close battle to Mexico, Argentina fell to 1-2 in group play, but only had a point differential of 71 points during the group phase which secured them a second place finish to take on the third finisher in Group A. Angelina Giacone stood out as one of the more versatile players in the tournament averaging 7 points and 7.7 rebounds per game, but it was a team effort defensively and Delfina Cergneux led the charge on the boards to keep Argentina in every game.

For Brazil, Ana Passos Alves Da Silva and Taissa Nascimento Queiroz have both averaged a double-double through group play for Brazil, but Giovanna Rocha da Silva has followed the lead with a 10 point and 8 rebound average of her own, and Argentina will have a tough time stopping Brazil’s big three as they charge the basket on both offense and defense aiming for a spot in the Semi-Finals to prove they are still a top contender even after their tough group play losses.

USA vs. Costa Rica

The defending champion USA, who finished first in their group with a point differential of 256, will take on Costa Rica in the final Quarter-Finals. As one of the most complete teams in the tournament, USA has many players such as Delaney Thomas who dominates the boards or Jada Williams’ court vision to compliment tournament powerhouse Juju Watkins, but the real key to their success is ball movement and finding the open and accurate shot every time.

Costa Rica has many two-way players, like Maria Montero Camareno who led her team in all three areas of points, rebounds and assists in their game against Brazil. Shaima James Lewis will also be a strong player for USA’s defense as she can find the net from the floor but will also be aggressive on the boards.