03 - 09
June 2019
Hosts of FIBA U16 Americas Championship expect gruelling tournament, announce their preliminary list
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Hosts of FIBA U16 Americas Championship expect grueling tournament, announce their preliminary list

SAO PAULO (Brazil) - The host of the FIBA U16 Americas Championship 2019 already know their opponents for the Group Phase of the continental championship, which will be held in Belém, Brazil, from June 3-9.

In the official draw, the Brazilians selected Group B, which also includes the National Teams of Canada, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. Group A is composed of Mexico, Argentina, USA and the Dominican Republic.

"The championship will certainly be very tough, because the two groups are quite even, and at this age the players already know more about the game and the disparity that could have existed between some teams has been greatly diminished. We need to analyze in detail each of our adversaries and be very well prepared," said Brazil’s Head Coach Felipe Santana to the official website of the CBB.

Brazil and the Head Coach also announced the Preliminary Team of Brazil for the U16 continental championship.

Brazil's Preliminary List
Daniel Duque Santos Frederico Eduardo Barbosa Sanchez Emanuel Fernandes de Lima Felipe Faustino Nascimento
Felipe Motta Guilherme Totaro Tesch João Victor Capela dos Santos João Victor Scopel de Oliveira
Kalell Fernando da Silva Borrasque Matheus Felipe de Moura Honorato Matheus Leoni Brito de Oliveira Pedro Henrique Rufino Coelho
Rodolfo Rufino Bolis Tiago Alcântara Abbade Aguiar Faria Victor Santiago Gaede Vinicius Biagioni Vicenti
Vitor Cauã Cerqueira Justiniano de Carvalho Vitor Rocha Ibiapina    

"We have a very strong group of players, so I am very confident that we will do an excellent preparatory stage and we will have a great performance in the continental championship, where we will also have the fans in our favor," added Santana.

The FIBA U16 Americas Championship will qualify the top four teams to the FIBA U17 Basketball World Cup 2020.