26 June, 2016
02 July
De Conti bets on a new generation of players for the South American Championship
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De Conti bets on a new generation of players for the South American Championship

CARACAS (South American Championship) - In a year when the Olympics are so important for Brazil, the South American Championship is the first commitment the Brazilian squad will face.

Because of history and tradition the Brazilians are forced to go for the regional title, even though in this tournament they will give young players the opportunity to add some international experience.

The team will be led by Coach Gustavo De Conti, who acknowledged that, although everyone thinks of the Rio Olympics, the South American Championship is one of the goals for the Brazilian team.

"We consider the South American Championship a very important tournament, because it is the first step to reach the 2019 Basketball World Cup. Beyond that, Brazil always gives importance to this tournament and look for titles in all the competitions in which it participates," said the coach.

In the Brazilian team there are many young players, but also several experienced players. De Conti thinks that this is an ideal combination.

"We believe in the renewal of the Brazilian team and thought it cannot be done radically, with the mix of young players, who have been evolving for some time, and more experienced players who excelled last season. We think these can help in the development of the younger players, especially for their experience," said the coach.

While the immediate challenge will be the South American Championship of Caracas, Brazil is also thinking of the Olympic Games and that’s why they left the list open to incorporate any player that had a good performance. Therefore, the regional tournament will be valuable for all the players.

"A good job in Caracas can lead a player to Rio de Janeiro. Ruben Magnano already made it clear that he summoned 14 players and the squad that will participate in the South American to the practices of the preliminary squad for the Olympic Games. He will be watching and after the tournament in Caracas he will decide who will go to Rio2016," said De Conti.

The last regional conquest of Brazil was in Neiva 2010 and in the following two editions the team did not reach the final.

"The South American Championship has become a hard and balanced competition. We know we must be well prepared and with excellent spirit, to win the title as we intend to. Our proposal will be a good aggressive defense and a collective game," said the coach.

The young Coach will add another experience as head coach of Brazil’s national team and he does not hide his satisfaction.

"While I was already in front of several Brazilian national teams and led Brazil in the 2012South American Championship in Argentina, now I feel more prepared, more experienced. I had experiences with Magnano and Jose Neto, people from whom I learned a lot. I appreciate the confidence put on me and is a great pride to represent my country," said the coach.