08 - 17
July 2019
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FIBA holds referee clinic for Pacific Games 3x3 tournament

Apia (Samoa) - In preparation for the inauguration of 3x3 basketball to the Pacific Games, FIBA organized a referee clinic for the referees of the Men's and Women's 3x3 tournament. This clinic follows a Referee Education program delivered for the 5 on 5 referees during these same games.

FIBA Oceania President Burton Shipley was on hand to give a personal message at the start of the clinic and commend the officials in their performance throughout the ongoing tournament.

"I want to thank you for the effort that you've put in because the standard of refereeing like the standard of play in the Pacific Games has improved immensely and it's making difference to how the games are being run," said Shipley.

"I think this group has done incredibly well and as a sport, we are benefitting from it," he added.

Shipley also stressed the opportunity to be an official in world events if the referees improve at a certain level.

"I also want to make you aware that there are other opportunities for referees in the world. A lot of people in the Pacific think we are so far away but we're not that far away and also we're used to traveling," he said.

"It will be exciting to see them switch from 5 on 5 to 3x3 to see how they go because it's a different skillset for referees," he added.

FIBA Oceania Referee Manager, Albert Joseph presided over the clinic and had high praise for the batch of 5 on 5 referees as they begin their transition for 3x3 for the Pacific Games.

"This has been a build-up over the past four years since the last Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea. We've been working with these officials in different events with education, training, and development and it's showed in their performance in these games," Joseph shared.

Oceania National Olympic Committee Secretary-General, Ricardo Blas praised the improved officiating of the referees in the Pacific Games.

Joseph shared that the clinic was the perfect opportunity for the referees to introduce and brush-up on the technical skills of the new and veteran 3x3 referees respectively.

"It was an opportunity to bring in the new referees to introduce them to the exciting sport of 3x3 so they get to learn to the rules related to 3x3 and how the game is played while also making sure that the existing ones will remain contemporary," he said.

"It was an excellent clinic that featured a mixture of theory presentation, a review of the rules and practical work with video presentations. I have been extremely pleased with how they have performed over the last two weeks and now I am excited to see them do well in the next few days," he ended.