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June 2016
17 Gisela VEGA (Argentina)
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Vega: "We keep dreaming of the Olympic ticket"

NANTES (2016 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament) - Argentina are battling to avoid being eliminated at the 2016 FIBA Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament (WOQT). If the South Americans lose to Belarus on Saturday in the qualification for Sunday's Fifth-Place Game, they will be out of the race for the remaining ticket at stack for the Rio Olympics

Despite conceding two big losses to Turkey and France, Argentina's Gisela Vega remains upbeat about the team's Olympic aspirations.

We’ll remain with our heads held high. - Vega

The 1.85m center talked to FIBA.com.

FIBA.com: The score (90-53) of the defeat against France speaks for itself. What are your thoughts about the game?
Vega: Even though we knew it was going to be tough for us, we stepped onto the court prepared to compete because we knew the importance of that game. But ultimately France came out too strong and deserved the win.

FIBA.com: Today you have an important game against Belarus, another European team. Do you feel your team might be affected by the defeats to Turkey and France?
Vega: I don’t think the team has been affected by those losses. We keep dreaming of a ticket to the Rio Olympics and we won't give up against Belarus.

FIBA.com: Did you expect this kind of competitiveness at the WOQT?
Vega: It's a tough competition, there is no doubt about it. Against France and Turkey, we allowed too many points and we didn't play well at all. European teams are usually very effective offensively. But we must remain positive.

FIBA.com: Melisa Gretter and you finished with a combined eight points against France. As the team leader, what do you point to as far as what didn't work for you in the game?
Vega: Unfortunately Melisa Gretter and I couldn't help the because of France's aggressive defense, but this is part of the game. We'll remain with our heads held high.