05 - 10
July 2016

Discovering Manila


In the Philippines, basketball is life. It is part of the cultural fabric, and the devotion for it is intense. The energy Filipinos emit when watching, playing, or even talking about basketball is crazy – which makes it a perfect host for one of the three 2016 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments.

The country’s monicker – the Pearl of the Orient – couldn’t be any more apt. Manila, the capital of the country, prides itself as a true Asian mega-city with traces of Spanish and American influence giving it more soul.

Aside from being the social media capital of the world, the Philippines is home to some of the most hospitable people in the world. This FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament will provide Filipinos the perfect opportunity to showcase not only their passion for basketball but also their hospitality.

The weather here is warm, and is matched only by the Filipino’s natural warmth to host and welcome guests, especially those who share our passion for hoops. Expect to be challenged to friendly pick-up games in basketball courts, which can be found on almost every street corner.

The tournament venue, the Mall of Asia Arena, is just a stone’s throw away from SM By The Bay, a strip of commercial establishments which offers a spectacular view of the famed Manila Bay sunset.

Sunset at Manila Bay. (Photo by Benjamin Canapi/D5 Studio)