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July 2016

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  • Owing to its position, Turin - easily reached by car, train or plane - is the natural connection point between the surrounding Alpine valleys and is where the major national and international communication routes converge.


    The International Airport "Sandro Pertini" is just 16km from the city centre, with which it is connected by a ring road expressway. Address: Strada San Maurizio 12 - Caselle Torinese - (+39) 011.5676361, www.aeroportoditorino.it

    The Airport is reachable by:

    • Train: the SFMA railway line connects the Dora GTT station with the airport in 19 minutes. Once the "Integrated Ticket B", costing € 3,00, has been stamped, it is usable for 120 minutes on SFMA, the underground, and the GTT urban and suburban network.
    • Bus: the journey time for the bus service between Turin centre and the airport is about 40 minutes, departing both from Porta Susa and Porta Nuova and ickets cost € 6,50.
    • Taxi: taxis from Turin centre reach the airport in about 30 minutes, for a cost of approximately € 30,00:


    BY CAR

    Five motorways come to the city via the ring road that runs along the north, west and south sides of the town:



    Turin is a very important railway junction, especially for fast connections throughout Italy and part of Europe on the Lyon-Paris line with the trains Frecciarossa, Frecciabianca, Italo and TGV. There are five stations in town, two of them international (Porta Nuova and Porta Susa) while three are mainly for local transport and the metropolitan rail service (SFM):

    • Porta Nuova - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 53
    • Porta Susa - Corso Bolzano
    • Lingotto - Via Pannunzio 1
    • Stura - Corso Romania 501
    • Rebaudengo Fossata - Via Fossata

    The train to/from the airport (and then going on to the Valli di Lanzo) and to Alto Canavese are provided by GTT-Gruppo Torinese Trasporti departing from the stations Dora and Porta Susa.

    In Turin trains, buses, taxis and car hire are available for everyone, from those in wheelchairs to mums with buggies (www.turismabile.it).

    BY BUS

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  • It is possibile to drive your own car around Turin (although with some limitations and paid parking), but it is advisable to make use of the extensive network of public transport on the roads and the underground, as well as of the taxi tour, car sharing and bike hire proposals.


    Buses and trams cover all Turin, crossing it in every direction from early morning to late at night. For the young (and young at heart) there is the "Night Buster" service, a safe way to get around at night: every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the outskirts to the centre and back, with bus stops close to the main areas of nightlife.

    Tickets can be purchased at the parking meters of the "Blue Zone" and from GTT authorised retailers (tabacconists, newsagents, cafés): the standard ticket costs € 1,50 and is usable for 90 minutes after being first stamped.


    Turin has 17k5km of bike paths, an excellent alternative to the car because it's quicker, easier to park and cheaper. And with the bike sharing service [TO]Bike, going by bike is even more convenient: operational 24/7, freeof time limits or waiting times, this service can be found in 116 points of the city. Subscribing is easy: online following the instructions, or at the specific offices.


    Each district has at least one taxi rank - obviously more frequently found in the centre, in the main squares and at the railway stations - but taxis can be booked by phone. Calls for booking a taxi for the disabled must be made directly to the Main Taxi Office.

    BY CAR

    • Blue Zone

    Paid parking is available throughout the town centre and in most of the surrounding streets, varying in hourly rates from € 1,30 to € 2,50 depending on the area. Parking vouchers can be purchased from GTT authorised retailers (tobacconists, newsagents, cafés) and at ticket machines.

    • Pedestrian areas and Limited Traffic Areas (ZTL)

    The main pedestrian areas in the centre are Via Garibaldi, Via Lagrange and Via Carlo Alberto, the shopping streets. A limited traffic area (ZTL) has also been put in place; from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 am to 10.30 am, only cars with permits can pass through (residents, disabled, coaches, etc.). Within the ZTL some streets are for use solely by public transport also in the afternoons, evenings and on public holidays.