26 July, 2021
08 August
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Records
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Fan Vote: Who could break the Women's Olympic Basketball single game steals record?

TOKYO (Japan) - There have been some fine defensive efforts at the Women's Olympic Basketball Tournaments, including by many players that have snapped up a sensational number of steals.

Looking back from the 1980 edition onwards, when data was first available in this category, the game-high list shows that nobody has yet hit the double-digit bar, with a three-way tie on 9 steals at the top of the chart.

It's an all-Americas podium, including FIBA Hall of Fame member Janeth Arcain of Brazil, with the top-five list all being set at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona.

Women's Olympic Single-Game Steals Leaders

Position Player Edition Game Steals
=1 Janeth Arcain (BRA) 1992 vs Czechsoslovakia 62-74 9
=1 Dalia Hernandez (CUB) 1992 vs Brazil 95-88 9
=1 Suzanne McConnell (USA) 1992 vs Com of Independent States 73-79 9
=2 Medina Dixon (USA) 1992 vs Czechoslovakia 111-55 8
=2 Katrina McClain (USA) 1992 vs Spain 114-59 8
=2 Isil Alben (TUR) 2016 vs Brazil 79-76 8

In our fan vote below, we want to hear from you who you have as the best candidates to propel themselves onto the chart - perhaps even becoming the first-ever player to reach double-digits in the steals category. 

Sarah Michel of France is well known for her quick hands and reading of the game so she could be a contender. Spanish ace Alba Torrens is always looking to snap up a steal and get out in transition.   Canada will need Kia Nurse to have a strong tournament to make a deep run, especially on the defensive end, while Nako Motohashi of Japan also a contender because of the way she never allows opposing ball handlers to rest. Similarly, Ezinne Kalu of Nigeria will be pivotal in looking for precious steals for the African nation.

Or, perhaps there is someone else you feel will catapult themselves into the chart.  It's time to make your choice!