26 July, 2021
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Fan Vote: Who could break the Women's Olympic Basketball single game blocks record?

TOKYO (Japan) - There have been some transcendent performances down the years at the various editions of the Olympics,  including by a number of 'Swat Queens.'

Looking back from the 1984 edition onwards, when data was first available in this category, the game-high list shows that only four players have produced six or more blocks in a game at the prestigious tournament.

Polona Dornik stands head and shoulders above everyone else with a spectacular 9 blocks, while the trio of players tied on 6 blocks includes FIBA Hall of Fame member and Australia legend Lauren Jackson.  

Women's Olympic Single-Game Blocks Leaders

Position Player Edition Game Blocks
1. Polona Dornik (YUG) 1984 vs Australia 59-62 9
=2 Elizabeth Cebrian Scheurer (ESP) 1992 vs China 63-66 6
=2 Ilona Burgrova (CZE) 2012 vs Croatia 89-70 6
=2 Lauren Jackson (AUS) 2000 vs Poland 76-48 6
=3 Sandrine Gruda (FRA) 2012 vs Great Britain 80-77 5
=3 Azania Stewart (GBR) 2012 vs Brazil 66-78 5
=3 Erika Dobrovicova (TCH) 1988 v Yugoslavia 57-69 5
=3 Malgorzata Dydek (POL) 2000 vs Cuba 72-55 5
=3 Malgorzata Dydek (POL) 2000 vs Korea 77-62 5

In our fan vote below, we are giving you an opportunity to decide which players heading to this year's edition could be the best candidates to catapult themselves into the chart, perhaps even becoming the first-ever play to reach double-digits in the category. 

Sandrine Gruda of France already features in the list above and could be out to make another chart entry, while look out for fellow European Kyara Linskens of Belgium. She was second  in this category at the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup, with the Australian also an option in the vote.

What about exciting rising star Xu Han of China, Ji Su Park of Korea, or the similarly imposing frame of Brittney Griner of the USA? Or, perhaps there is someone else you have in mind. It's time to make your choice!