06 - 21
August 2016
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Rosters confirmed on eve of Rio 2016 Olympic Games

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Rio 2016 Olympic Basketball Tournaments for Men and Women) - The finalised rosters of the 12 men's and 12 women's teams participating in the Olympic Basketball Tournaments at the Rio 2016 Games have been verified and confirmed.

With the action set to tip off on Saturday 6 July, all rosters have been trimmed to 12 players.

Click on the teams below to view the full rosters.

Rio 2016 Olympic Basketball Tournament
Group A: 1. France; 2. USA; 3. Venezuela; 4. Serbia; 5. China; 6. Australia.
Group B: 1. Argentina; 2. Spain; 3. Brazil; 4. Lithuania; 5. Croatia; 6. Nigeria

Clarissa Santos, Iziane Castro and Erika Souza (BRA)

Rio 2016 Women's Olympic Basketball Tournament
Group A: 1. France; 2. Japan; 3. Brazil; 4. Australia; 5. Belarus; 6. Turkey.
Group B: 1. Canada; 2. Spain; 3. USA; 4. Senegal; 5. Serbia; 6. China.

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Click here for a full list of the Broadcast Territories and Broadcasters.
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