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August 2016
13 Miroslav Raduljica (SRB)
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'Just wait and see' once Serbia reach Raduljica's dream destination

BELGRADE (2016 Rio Olympics) - One does not need to go through the complete list of the thousands of top athletes which are to make Rio their home in August to guess that Serbia's center Miroslav Raduljica will be one of the most imposing presences in the Olympic village.

"I believe this is a team that can reach high, it can achieve a lot. Just wait and see." - Raduljica

What many don't know however about the 28-year-old big man is that he has a great sense of humour and, as it became apparent when he spoke to FIBA.com after Serbia won the Belgrade Olympic Qualifying Tournament (OQT), he also has deep faith in the Serbia national team's prospects at Rio 2016.

FIBA.com: Can you explain what it means to an athlete to know that he will soon be packing to head to his first Olympic Games?
Raduljica: It is amazing, it is something that all of us have dreamt about all our lives, since we were kids and we were watching Coach (Sasha Djordjevic) and other legends go to the Olympics and win medals. To be honest, it is such an amazing feeling that I cannot find the right words to describe it. I don't usually get euphoric about accomplishments but I am overwhelmed with emotion, and I am sure the other guys on the team are too.

FIBA.com: Serbia had to qualify the hard way but once the Belgrade OQT got under way you made it look as if nobody could stand in your way, was getting to Rio such a important goal for your generation?
Raduljica: I think we showed it in this tournament [Belgrade OQT], already from its start but especially in the final. We showed it with we won all our opponents, we won all the games. We just focused on our play and on getting to the Olympics.

FIBA.com: Can this team also win a medal in Rio?
Raduljica: We will continue with the same philosophy also at the Olympics, which is to look only on the next game and think only about the next game as the most important task. But I do believe that this is a team that can reach high, it can achieve a lot. Just wait and see.

FIBA.com: Have you ever been to Rio?
Raduljica: Never. But it's always been my dream destination (he laughs).