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Winners of the 2023 FIBA Photo Contest revealed

MIES (Switzerland) - Embrace the excitement as the 4 remarkable winners of the 2023 FIBA Photo Contest are revealed, showcasing their inspiring images.

To celebrate the inaugural World Basketball Day, the FIBA Foundation decided to launch the 7th edition of the FIBA Photo Contest on the 21st of December 2023.

To honor the sport’s power to transcend borders, cultures, capabilities, and languages, the theme of this edition was Basketball For Good - Showcasing how basketball serves as an educational tool, a common playground where people from different backgrounds can come together, bond, and communicate with each other, creating connections, promoting values, breaking down barriers, and thereby contributing to peace and well-being.

1st place: "Building Bridges Through Basketball" - Chaiaser15, Philippines

Taken in the Philippines' countryside, this photo highlights the fact that basketball is more than a game. It is a way to unite people as shown in this photo of a girl going for a lay-up with her friends and family by her side. This photo is aligned with FIBA's strategic priority Women in Basketball aiming to empower girls and women at all levels of the game.

2nd place: "Indenetibles" - Javier Campos, Venezuela

This photo was taken in the Pinto Salinas neighborhood of Caracas, Venezuela. It shows wheelchair basketball players enjoying the game - showcasing the power of basketball to transcend barriers.

3rd place: "A Game of Basketball" - Rey H. Magale, Philippines

Taken in the Philippines, this photo shows basketball has the power to gather different people regardless of their background and in turn, create bonds and share values.

Popular Vote: "Basketball Saved Me" - Elisha Yaro, Nigeria

For the first time in the history of the FIBA Photo Contest, a popular vote, allowing everyone to select their favorite photos, was introduced. This new feature is aligned with the desire of the FIBA Foundation to innovate the contest to make it more engaging.

The winning photo "Basketball Saved Me" by Nigerian Elisha Yaro describes the role basketball can play in mental health management.

"In Nigeria, mental health isn't taken seriously. I know basketball helps me while dealing with my mental health, basketball is good," Elisha Yaro.

Over 500 photographers from 85 different countries covering all 5 world regions have participated in the 2023 edition - for a total of 981 photos submitted.

The top 100 photos selected by the jury will be published in the annual FIBA Photo Book.


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