VOTE NOW: Who's your FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 regular season MVP?
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VOTE NOW: Who's your FIBA 3x3 World Tour 2023 regular season MVP?

MIES (Switzerland) - Who do you think was the MVP of the 12th edition of the FIBA 3x3 World Tour regular season? You get to choose! 

Who are the candidates?

All the MVPs from this year's World Tour Opener and Masters and the Top 2  players in Player Value during the season that were not MVPs:

Strahinja Stojacic - Ub Huishan NE - MVP in Utsunomiya, Manila, Edmonton
Nemanja Barac - Ub Huishan NE - MVP in Marseille
Marko Brankovic - Ub Huishan NE - MVP in Macau
Dejan Majstorovic - Ub Huishan NE - MVP in Prague
Jonas Foerts - Antwerp TOPdesk - MVP in Lausanne
Aurelijus Pukelis - Raudondvaris Hoptrans - MVP in Debrecen
Vladimir Trajkovic - Hangzhou  - MVP in Constanta
Jimmer Fredette - Miami - MVP in Cebu and Abu Dhabi
Quincy Diggs - Vienna - MVP in Amsterdam
Steve Sir - Ulaanbaatar MMC Energy- MVP in Shanghai
Zhang Ning - Liman Huishan NE - MVP in Chengdu
Franck Seguela - Paris - MVP in Wuxi
Marko Stevanovic - Partizan - MVP in Manama
Worthy De Jong - Amsterdam HiPro - MVP in Hong Kong

Who votes?
There are 2 panels:
a. The fans
b. The players who competed on the World Tour this year

Where do they vote?

- Fans vote here by simply clicking above on the player they believe is the World Tour 2023 regular season MVP

-Players vote via an online form

How do the votes work?
For each panel, the players get points as follows:
1. 6 pts
2. 4 pts
3. 3 pts
4. 2pts
5. 1pt

The points coming from the 2 panels are then aggregated. In case of tie, the player who received the most votes from the players panel wins the tie-breaker.

When do they vote?
Vote opens on November 28 and closes on December 6 at noon GMT

The winner will be announced on December 8.