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Samoan Girls Ball Out: Rising Stars Climb FIBA Rankings and Inspire a Nation

APIA (Samoa) - The hardwood floors of Samoa are bouncing with excitement as the National Samoan Girls Basketball Team soars to new heights. After a meteoric rise of 23 spots in the FIBA World Rankings - Youth Girls, they now proudly sit within the top 50, a testament to their talent, dedication, and the growing power of Samoan basketball on the global stage.


This remarkable journey began in 2016, and since then they have not missed a FIBA Oceania Youth event.  Attending the FIBA Women’s U16 Asia Championship - Division B on multiple occasions, it wasn’t until 2022, that the young Samoan squad secured a promotion to the prestigious FIBA Women's U16 Asian Championship - Division A.  This was a giant step in their triumphant rise, with one historic moment coming during the pool matches of the 2023 FIBA Under 17 Oceania Championship, where they achieved the unthinkable: defeating New Zealand for the first time ever.

But what exactly fuelled this incredible ascent? Samoa Basketball Federation President, Steve Schuster, sheds light on the key factors.

FIBA Participation and Performance

"Firstly, our Federation participating in FIBA sanctioned events and doing well," Schuster emphasizes. The Samoan girls haven't just shown up; they've consistently impressed, earning respect and recognition on the international stage.

Inspiring a New Generation

This success isn't just about wins and losses; it's about inspiring a new wave of young Samoan girls to pick up a basketball.  "It does a lot for Samoan women and men basketball especially in equality in sports," Schuster says.  “In a nation traditionally focused on men's rugby, the girls' achievements are proving that other sports can not only thrive but excel.”

Team Effort on and Off the Court

It takes a village to raise a champion, and the Samoan girls' success is a true team effort.  "On the court credit to coach Lisa and her management team," acknowledges Schuster.  “Coach Lisa's leadership and her team's logistical wizardry have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and maximizing the girls' potential.  Off the court, former President Talalelei Pauga's vision and trust in the program laid the groundwork for this incredible journey.”

A Stepping Stone to Future Success

This achievement is not just a moment of glory; it's a springboard for even greater things. "We have achieved this great milestone or benchmark for Samoa Basketball both men and women to reach for more success and be able to maintain our progress," Schuster declares.  “The future of Samoan basketball is bright, and the girls' dedication serves as an inspiration for the entire nation.”

The Samoan girls' story is one of resilience, determination, and the power of sport to unite and inspire. As they continue their ascent, they carry the hopes and dreams of a nation on their shoulders, proving that even the smallest islands can produce basketball giants. So, watch out world, the Samoan girls are just getting started.