Referees Workshop BCL Americas Season 5
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Referee Development Program successful BCL Americas Season 5

MIAMI (United States) – The fifth season of the Basketball Champions League Americas held four FIBA ​​Workshops for Referees and two YDP Training Camps for Referees between December 2023 and April 2024, and culminated with Quimsa (ARG) winning the title at home.

A total of 136 officials were trained in these activities carried out in Rio de Janeiro (BRA), Managua (NCA), Puerto La Cruz (VEN), Concepción (CHI, Xalapa (MEX), Buenos Aires (ARG) and Santiago del Estero (ARG ), thanks to the joint work between FIBA ​​and the national federations.

The work of developing referees has been paying off. As a result, eight new referees entered the FIBA ​​Elite Program and were able to officiate during this fifth season. These new referees were Carmelo De La Rosa Álvarez (PUR), Franco Anselmo (ARG), Kevin Lei (CAN), Samuel Hidalgo (DOM), Willset Montalvo (PUR), Ramiro Inchauspe (BRA), Jayson Stell (CAN) and Jesús López (MEX). Two were nominated to the BCL Americas Quarterfinals.

In the BCL Americas Final 4, played on April 13 and 14 in Santiago del Estero, Argentina, eight of the best referees in the region were on the field: Andrés Bartel (URU), Carlos Peralta (ECU), Johnny Batista (PUR), Daniel García (VEN), Julio Anaya (PAN), Kristian Páez (ECU), Roberto Vázquez (PUR) and Juan Fernández (ARG).

Before Final 4 the referees work in a two-day pre-competition camp in which they review topics such as team analysis, handling of complex situations, game control, self-control, FIBA ​​protocols, teamwork, behavior and brainstorming.

These eight Officials were also nominated in the list of officials for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This officiating team was honored with an official kit with items personalized with the BCLA Final 4 golden logo.