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Referee talent showcased at FIBA U18 Oceania Championships

SUVA - Referees from all over Oceania flocked to Vodafone Arena in Suva, Fiji this past week for the FIBA U18 Oceania Championships 2016.

This event brought together referees of varying age and experience. The Championships serve as an excellent opportunity for referees from across the region to meet, collaborate, share their knowledge and experiences whilst enhancing their own skills.

"There has been some significant work done to increase referee participation, however, this remains an ongoing focus to ensure that the referees are identified, trained and developed to meet the needs of the basketball leagues in national federations and at events such as these," said FIBA Referee Manager - Oceania, Albert Joseph.

"Regional championships allow for greater training and development of the regions referees, particularly in areas such as personal presentation, referee fitness and court positioning, decision making and communication."

"The referees at this event have also been exposed to game reviews and video analysis sessions allowing them to self-analyse situations that have occurred in games."

Regional championships are critical to referee development and consistency particularly from a national federation, regional and global perspective.

"It is paramount that referees from across various national federations have the opportunity to interact with one another to provide global standardised training and development so that a singular and consistent message is provided. More over, the championships attract referee instructors from across the region and beyond which also allows them to cross learn based upon their individual experiences and knowledge."

There is a diverse level of experience in Oceania. From developing to experienced and all the way to the elite level.

"Oceania FIBA referees represent well at FIBA world events, however, there is still a lot more scope for them to be present on the world stage. This is certainly a focus for FIBA Oceania and remains a part of ongoing development programs."

FIBA's new competition system coming into effect in November of 2017 will offer a wider scope of opportunities for Oceania referees.

"This is a very exciting time for FIBA globally and in particular the regions. The collaboration with Asia through the new competition system has already commenced from a refereeing perspective and first signs have been very positive. Oceania referees, instructors and commissioners will be involved in more international games under the new system. I certainly look forward to continuing the very productive refereeing partnership with Asia."