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PacficAus Partnership to Boost Basketball High-Performance Capabilities in Oceania

GOLD COAST (Australia) – FIBA Oceania has announced a new partnership with the Australian Government through PacificAus Sports to facilitate the growth and development of high-performance basketball in the region.

This new program will further support and facilitate opportunities for elite national basketball teams to carve out advanced pathways.  This program will directly address FIBA’s Strategic Priority of Empowering National Federations by professionalising national team structures.

The aim of the program is to provide targeted federations with strategic support for high performance programs, factoring in all elements including, players, coaches, officials, and cultural factors.

FIBA Executive Director – Oceania, Amanda Jenkins believes this program will provide Federations in Oceania with the necessary skills and resources to develop, compete internationally, and sustain a high level of performance integrity.

“Partnering with the Australian Government through PacificAus Sports will provide a unique opportunity for Federations in the region to define and build sustainable high-performance structures,” Jenkins said.  “There is a lot of talent throughout Oceania, and to be able to facilitate development for players, coaches, officials and administrators, is an integral part empowering our Federations to compete at the highest level.”

Peter Lonergan is the Director High Performance Coach Development with Basketball Australia who will be assisting with program facilitation and recently travelled to the FIBA Melanesian Cup 2022 to meet teams and discuss high-performance opportunities with Federations.

“We always want a strong region, FIBA Oceania as a region has punched above its weight for nearly 45 years,” Lonergan said.  “We have Australia and New Zealand competing at the highest level in World Cups and Olympic Games, the more depth we can have in the Pacific and zone is only going to benefit Australia in particular, so we hope to provide some support and expertise and growth the region.

“Observing the games at the FIBA Melanesian Cup and practises, I was able to talk to the coaches and see what they have done in the lead up to the event, and what sort of high-performance planning and program they have put in and around their national teams.  I think there is an improvement across the board in their approach, there is evidence of more planning going into overall programs, particularly in the preparations.  Speaking to the coaches they have a more strategic approach to how they prepare. 

“Key drivers in all Federations are that they want to grow, and they want to improve, and they want to provide support for their coaches and provide more opportunities for their players.”

Support provided by the PacificAUS Sport Program will assist the FIBA Oceania regional office, alongside Australian partners to work closely with federations in Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands to tailor strategic high-performance programs on the road to the Pacific Games 2023.