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Nine countries hosted FIBA Referees Workshops during AmeriCup Qualifiers

MIAMI (United States) – During the first window of the FIBA AmeriCup 2025 Qualifiers 170 referees participated in the FIBA Referees Workshop in the Bahamas, Colombia, Cuba, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela from February 22-26.

The activities were hosted by eight FIBA level referees in the elite category: Jorge Vázquez (PUR), Juan Fernández (ARG), Carlos Peralta (ECU), Daniel García (VEN), Andrés Bartel (URU), Leonardo Zalazar (ARG), Julio Anaya (PAN) and Orlando Díaz (HON).

These eight referees served as mentors in each of the countries and through presentations and panels empowered and trained referees with FIBA level potential from the host national federation. They went through the FIBA manual and philosophy and other refereeing themes. Other topics discussed were the profile of the FIBA referee, team scouting and knowledge of the game.


About the FIBA Referees Workshop: The FIBA Referees Workshop is a program designed to be carried out in the host country of the competitions. The program is administered by a Referee Instructor or a FIBA Referee Active part of the Elite Program. The objective of the FIBA Referees Workshop Program is to train National referees with the current themes worked on in the development of FIBA performance, so that they have the same philosophy of the game. Officials are selected by the National Federation with a minimum number of 12 and a maximum of 30 referees.

The workshop is always done when requested by the national Federation or pre-requested by the departments and referees of the regional office in club competitions in the host countries.